Every year, hundreds of people die or disappear in the deserts of the southwestern United States while crossing the U.S.-México border.


This desert landscape is made deadly by government strategies that intentionally push people into the most remote and isolated areas of the borderlands. The disappeared, whether parents, siblings, classmates, co-workers, children, neighbors, or friends, leave painful gaps in their communities that cannot be filled. They were unique, irreplaceable, individual human lives that cannot be forgotten.

Together with tens of thousands of families of the border’s disappeared, we at the Colibrí Center for Human Rights demand that those taken from us by border policies and a culture of fear be brought back.

To the government that disappeared them and continues to deny families access to truth and information, we demand,

Bring Them Back.

To a society that accepts their dehumanization and erasure, we demand,

Bring Them Back.

The Bring them Back Campaign is an initiative of the Colibrí Center for Human Rights (see below). It is a call to remember, honor, and demand justice for disappeared migrants and their families. Join us by listening to their stories, sharing on social media, and donating to support our work.


Listen to testimonies of families searching for their loved ones.


Read the names

See the names and photos of missing people whose families asked them to be remembered.



Join Colibrí and families of missing migrants in the search for truth and justice.


About Us

The Colibrí Center for Human Rights is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization with the mission to end disappearance and uphold human dignity along the U.S.-Mexico border. Colibrí works in solidarity with the families of the disappeared to find truth and justice through forensic science, investigation, and community organizing. Colibrí bears witness to this unjust loss of life, accompanying families in their search and holding space for families to build community, share stories, and raise consciousness about this human rights crisis.

For more information about our work, including a more detailed description of our different programs, please visit www.colibricenter.org.